ExtraSS: A Framework for Joint Spatial Super Sampling and Frame Extrapolation
DescriptionWe introduce ExtraSS, a novel framework that combines spatial super sampling and frame extrapolation to enhance real-time rendering performance. By integrating these techniques, our approach achieves a balance between performance and quality, generating temporally stable and high-quality, high-resolution results. Leveraging lightweight modules on warping and the ExtraSSNet for refinement, we exploit spatial-temporal information, improve rendering sharpness, handle moving shadings accurately, and generate temporally stable results. Computational costs are significantly reduced compared to traditional rendering methods, enabling higher frame rates and alias-free high resolution results. Evaluation using Unreal Engine demonstrates the benefits of our framework over conventional individual spatial or temporal super sampling methods, delivering improved rendering speed and visual quality. With its ability to generate temporally stable high-quality results, our framework creates new possibilities for real-time rendering applications, advancing the boundaries of performance and photo-realistic rendering in various domains.
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Technical Papers
TimeFriday, 15 December 20239:40am - 9:50am
LocationMeeting Room C4.8, Level 4 (Convention Centre)
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