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Meet the S3 Resume and Reel Review (S3R3) at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023. They will be located at the Networking Lounge in the Exhibition Hall (, they will be located at The Networking Lounge at the Exhibition Hall (Level 1, Exhibition Hall 1, ICC Sydney).

S3R3 is the Early Career Development Committee (formerly S3) Resume and Reel Review program where students and emerging professionals with less than 3 years’ experience have their resume or reel reviewed by industry professionals. This is conducted either virtually or in-person at the SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia Conferences in 20-minute sessions. Reviewers assess students’ work and offer tips to improve the chances of finding work within the computer graphics industry. Students are matched to industry professionals based on their desired work field and job skills and provide their resume and/or reel for review and expert advice. Some example categories for students to choose from to have their work/resumes reviewed are not limited to but include the following:

  • Art/Animation (experience in modeling, texturing, compositing, animation, etc.)
  • Production/Design (experience brainstorming ideas and transforming creative vision into reality)
  • Technical Art (experience in hybrid/ equal parts programming and art: rigging, scripting, shader writing, etc.)
  • Technical Development (experience in strictly technical aspects such as programming, rendering, robotics, engineering, etc.)
  • Management (experience in producing, production assistant coordinating production and managerial aspects)

Code of Conduct

Participants of the Resume and Reel Review Program (S3R3) are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism and adhere to appropriate behavior during the onsite review sessions. It is crucial for reviewers to understand their role as industry professionals and the power dynamics inherent in the mentorship relationship. They should approach the review process with respect, empathy, and a commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive environment.
Harassment of any kind, including but not limited to discrimination, bullying, or any form of misconduct, will not be tolerated during the S3R3 sessions. Reviewers must be aware of the impact their words and actions can have on the reviewees and should refrain from engaging in any behavior that may cause discomfort or distress. Any harassment or inappropriate conduct should be reported immediately to the event organizers.
By participating in the S3R3 program, reviewers are expected to provide constructive feedback, offer guidance, and share their expertise in a supportive and professional manner. This includes focusing on the reviewee’s work, skills, and potential for growth within the computer graphics industry.
Reviewers should prioritize creating a positive learning environment that encourages the reviewees’ professional development and increases their chances of success in the industry.
The S3R3 program values professionalism, respect, and understanding, recognizing that the ultimate goal is to assist students and emerging professionals in their career pursuits. Together, by upholding these principles, we can foster an inclusive and empowering environment that benefits both the reviewers and the reviewees.
Please contact s3@siggraph.org for issues or questions related to this code of conduct.
For more information, visit: https://s3.siggraph.org/programs/s3r3/