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Art Gallery Theme: In Unruly Times

At SIGGRAPH Asia 2023, the Art Gallery will showcase works of excellence across the fields of art, science, and technology inclusive of data visualisation, 3D printing, XR, robotics, AI, sonic, performative, NFT and media/interactive installation.
Unruly as found in wild, disorderly, experimental, uncontrollable as well as those freefalling out of control anxious moments spanning conflict, climate crisis, pandemics, inequality, surveillance, financial and biosystem collapse for instance.

Times as in deep time, digital time, analogue time, circular, ancestral, mechanical, felt time or as a finite resource. These are times that call for an increasing need for practices to be sustainable, kinder, agile, and scalable and more inclusive of divergent voices and bodies and experimental unexpected processes.

We cordially invite you to join us at the SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Art Gallery in Sydney, Australia as we question, play, and confront the unruly turbulent times in which we live!
Stay tuned as more details of the program will be revealed soon.

Art Gallery Chair

Research Manager, Powerhouse Museum