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Perks For Attendees

SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 attendees can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount offer on a range of experiences and attractions in Sydney, New South Wales.
Experience everything that Sydney has in store for you! Whether it’s cruising along the iconic Sydney Harbour, encountering Australian wildlife at a Sydney Zoo, or attending a captivating performance at the renowned Sydney Opera House. Don’t stop at the city – venture further into the enchanting mountains, stunning coastlines, and picturesque wine regions of New South Wales to truly make the most of your journey.

Use the code: ASIGGRAPH10 upon check out when making your booking via the Sydney Experiences website. The special rates are available from one week prior to the conference, through to one-week after the conference.

Bookings are subject to standard Terms and Conditions and you can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for further information or support.