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The Featured Sessions program casts a spotlight on major breakthroughs, techniques, arts in the field of Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, that you do not want to miss. It brings the community together to learn from the brightest minds in graphics.

Featured Sessions Chair

Motus Lab, The University of Sydney

Featured Sessions Speakers

SVP, Chief Creative Officer
The Intersection of Art and Technology: Creative Design at Industrial Light & Magic

Chief Research Officer, Eyeline Studios Powered by Netflix
From Virtual Cinematography to Virtual Production

Senior Lecturer
School of Design Innovation
Character Animation Panel

Director, Blur Studio & Nexus Studios
Character Animation Panel

Creative Director, Industrial Light & Magic
Character Animation Panel

Sequence VFX Supervisor, Wētā FX
Unravelling The VFX Behind The Marvels

VFX Supervisor, Wētā FX
Blood, Guts and Fur: The Visual Effects Behind Cocaine Bear

Mark Pesce

Honorary Associate, Media and Communications, University of Sydney
The Next Tools

Director, Science Research, META
Digital Humans Panel

CEO and Co-founder, Soul Machines
Digital Humans Panel