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Real-Time Live!

Submission Deadline: 23 August 2023, 23:59 AoE (Extended!) (Closed)

The Fourth Edition at SIGGRAPH Asia.

Come celebrate The Art of the Demo at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 in Sydney. We are looking for the year’s most innovative and engaging live demos for a high-stake showcase to inspire and entertain your peers. Talk is cheap. Don’t tell us how cool your work is – It is time to Show Us. Each demo team has six minutes on-stage to sink or swim – to win the hearts and minds of the crowd. Think live talent show meets edgy stand-up. Come celebrate with us the thrills and skills of navigating the bleeding edge.

Prepare to be Amazed!

Real-Time Live! is an amazing experience and a unique highlight of the SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia conferences. Watch the year’s most innovative graphics and interactive techniques presented and deconstructed live on-stage by their creators. See the latest in real-time graphics and interactive techniques come alive in an accessible and entertaining live competition. From rendering tools to game worlds, from virtual production drama to astrophysics simulation, you never know what to expect in a Real-Time Live! show. But you are guaranteed a peek under the hood of stunning creations and jaw-dropping results. SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia memories are made of these moments.
Attending Real-Time Live! is always memorable but presenting is even more of a rush. If you are pushing real-time live boundaries, we want to hear from you. Send us your submissions!
A jury of industry experts will be helping to put together an exciting line-up and a great show.
We are seeking the latest and greatest works in all related areas:
  • State‐of‐the‐art graphics and interactive techniques
  • Extended reality (spatial media, virtual worlds and tools)
  • Virtual production
  • Digital content creation tools
  • Demoscene
  • Real‐time artistic explorations and live performances
  • Research projects (i.e., physics, graphics, modelling, etc.)
  • Military or industrial simulations
  • Scientific visualizations (i.e., medical, astrophysics, astronomy)
  • Any real-time interactive innovation suitable for demoing to a live theatre audience

Real-Time Live! Chair


View the Sample Submission Form to get an overview of all the details needed to complete a submission.

  • Log in to the submissions portal.
  • Select “Begin a New Submission” tab.
  • Select the Real-Time Live! form.

In particular, please be aware of crucial information that you will need to provide, including but not limited to:

Basic Information
  • A minute-by-minute breakdown of a 6-8 minute presentation of your work for a live audience.
  • An overview of the platform and necessary hardware needed to run your project. (NOTE: SIGGRAPH Asia cannot guarantee the onsite availability of any specific hardware platforms or software packages. For best results, plan to ship your own platform hardware to the conference.)
  • A list of all licensed components and/or middleware.
  • Network requirements.
Representative Image
  • One “representative image” suitable for use on the conference website and promotional materials. See the Representative Image Guidelines located on the Submission Information page.
  • 3 x 2 aspect ratio, landscape orientation (recommended)
  • Minimum 1500 x 1000 pixel resolution
  • Minimum 300 dpi
  • Maximum 15 MB size
  • Allowed formats: jpeg
Video (Upload or Link)
  • Maximum 2-minute segment of captured video from your project
  • Multiple non-continuous edits are permissible.
  • Post-processing such as image or speed enhancement is strictly prohibited.
  • Narration explaining the content in the video is highly encouraged.
  • Minimum 720p resolution
  • 264 codec
  • Maximum 200 MB size
  • Allowed formats: avi, mov, mp4
Additional Information
  • File Uploads
    Click here for more information about uploading files to your submission.
General Submission Policies

For more details on SIGGRAPH Asia’s General Submission Policies, please go to SIGGRAPH Asia’s Submission Information page.


Contact the Real-Time Live committee here.

Entries are judged by a panel of human-computer interaction, computer graphics, and real-time technology experts from across the industry. They are looking for the best interactive work driven by real-time technology that results in compelling and innovative content for a live audience. Creativity, innovation, content, and performance will be considered. The jury will review each submission on the following major criteria:

  1. Innovation (pushes the boundaries of real-time rendering or immersive techniques)
  2. Interactivity (how much control and quality of interactivity is allowed to the user)
  3. Creativity and originality
  4. Interest and entertainment value for SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 attendees
  5. Production values (appropriate to context)

The jury will select the top-rated pieces for presentation at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023, and all submitters will be notified of their submission status: accepted, conditionally accepted, or rejected.* In all cases, the jury will provide detailed feedback to submitters.

*In very rare cases, submissions may be conditionally accepted. If your work is conditionally accepted, you must demonstrate your submission to a jury member in person, so that its interactivity and/or real-time graphics aspects can be verified. Jurors who have a conflict of interest with your submission will not be permitted to review your submission.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

SIGGRAPH Asia reviewers cannot sign non-disclosure agreements for submissions. Click here for information on the Submission And Authorization Agreement.

Upon Curation, you will be able to update your basic submission information, so it can be included in the conference schedule and website. This information needs to be finalized the week following your acceptance.

Accepted submissions will be allotted up to six minutes for presentation.

You may submit a rehearsal video (six to eight minutes) of your complete presentation six weeks before the conference with a written script of your presentation that details the flow and wording of the content that you plan to present at SIGGRAPH Asia. However, a live rehearsal session of your complete presentation will be mandatory for evaluation.

The Real-Time Live! Committee will accommodate remote rehearsal feedback sessions if needed.

At SIGGRAPH Asia, the submitter (and up to two additional people) must demonstrate a six-minute segment of the project live in real time on the hardware of their choice. Presenters are required to attend SIGGRAPH Asia 2023. Registration and travel costs are at your own expense, except for the contributor of record, who will receive recognition as specified in the SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Recognition Benefits.

Before SIGGRAPH Asia 2023, all accepted presenters will receive the Real-Time Live! Presenter Preparation and Logistics Guide. This document includes complete details on shipping hardware, setup, rehearsals, the Real-Time Live! show and tear-down.

If your work is accepted for presentation at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023: You must complete the ACM Rights Management Form. The form will be sent to all submitters whose work is accepted.

Your representative image and text may be used for promotional purposes. Several SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 programs – Art Gallery, Computer Animation Festival, Emerging Technologies, XR, Real-Time Live!, Technical Papers – will prepare preview videos for pre-conference promotion of accepted content, which may include a portion of the video you submitted for review.

Upon Acceptance

Upon acceptance, presenters will be required to: *Subject to Changes in dates and times

  • Finalize Submission Materials (by 9 August 2023)
    Update information in your submission by 9 August 2023 so it can be incorporated into the conference schedule, website, and promotions.
  • Secure Permissions on Representative Image and Video (by 9 August 2023)
    Attain the proper permissions for the representative image and video in your submission by 9 August 2023. This media will be used for event-related promotional purposes. (See the examples on representative image and trailer.) Note that if your work is referencing other work that is copyrighted, additional proof of permissions will be required. For more information, see .
  • Attend Virtual Rehearsal(s)
    Attend a mandatory virtual rehearsal in November 2023 (multiple if deemed necessary by Real-Time Live! Chair) using videoconferencing software. You will be expected to demonstrate your entire presentation in 6-8 minutes or under to the Real-Time Live! Committee, you will be contacted by us prior.
  • Bring Multiple Copies of the Presentation to SIGGRAPH Asia 2023
    Must bring TWO copies of the presentation technology on-site along with all applicable hardware. (To provide insurance in the event that the primary technology crashes/fails during the live event.) If the technology was also accepted to another area of the conference, you will be required to bring an additional copy of your technology (for a total of THREE copies). No technology will be moved once it is set up for Real-Time Live! on the afternoon of Friday, 15 December 2023.
  • Arrive in Sydney, Australia Before Noon on 12 December 2023

Arrange travel to Sydney, Australia to arrive BEFORE NOON on 12 December 2023 for presenter check-in and tech setup. ALL presenters must be present at that time.

  • Registration and travel costs are at your own expense, except for the contributor of record, who will receive recognition as specified in the SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Recognition Benefits.
  • Attend Rehearsal On-Site at SIGGRAPH Asia, Thursday, 14 December 2023
    Attend a mandatory rehearsal of the Real-Time Live! program in its entirety on the morning of Thursday, 16 December 2023from 8AM. until 11AM. (Time subjected to changes).
  • Present at Real-Time Live! Event at SIGGRAPH Asia, Friday, 15 December 2023
    Be present for Real-Time Live! in its entirety on Friday, 15 December 2023, arriving 45 minutes before show time (typically 4PM.) and tearing down materials at event end (typically from 6:30PM). Exact time subject to changes.

All deadlines are 23:59 AoE.

23 August 2023 (Extended!) (Closed)

Submission deadline

5 September 2023

Real-Time Live! submitters notified

October – November 2023

Mandatory virtual rehearsals will take place using video conferencing software. You will be expected to demonstrate your entire presentation in 6 – 8 minutes or under the Real-Time Live! Committee.

5 November 2023

Final delivery of rehearsal video and script, Confirmations due, alongside submission updates and permissions for representative image and video. Information to be submitted on Linklings.

November 2023

A pre-conference meeting will be held using video conferencing software to discuss logistics and final questions before arriving on-site.

12 December 2023

Arrive in Sydney, Australia BEFORE NOON for presenter check-in and tech setup. ALL presenters must be present on-site at this time.

14 December, 4pm

Real-Time Live! Presentation

12 – 15 December 2023

SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Conference Days

13 – 15 December 2023

SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Exhibition Days

ACM SIGGRAPH strives to create a welcoming and nurturing community for everyone working in computer graphics and interactive techniques independent of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, religion, country of origin, or abilities. Work submitted to this program should be in alignment with these values.

For any submission to an ACM SIGGRAPH conference or Standing Committee activity, the person in charge (PIC) of the program should be aware of and sensitive to potential issues pertaining to the ACM SIGGRAPH values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. If an issue is identified, then the authors of the submission shall be asked to modify their submission to resolve the issue before acceptance. If the PIC is unsure if there is an issue, then they should contact the Chair of the DEI Committee for advice.