Introduction To Generative Machine Learning
DescriptionThis is an intermediate level course for attendees to gain a strong understanding of the basic principles of generative AI. The course will help build intuition around several topics with easy-to-understand explanations and examples from some of the prevalent algorithms and models including Autoencoders, CNN, GAN, Diffusion Models and Transformers.

This course is built on past experience of teaching the material for the last several years at SIGGRAPH and other venues to thousands of attendees worldwide. The material has been updated to include the latest advances in rapidly moving field. It distills the latest research into easy to understand examples which the attendees can try themselves and gain confidence in their understanding and abilities. The course also includes possible directions for future work and job and research prospects in areas of intersection of Comptuer Graphics and Machine Learning
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TimeThursday, 14 December 20239:00am - 1:00pm
LocationMeeting Room C4.7, Level 4 (Convention Centre)
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