Moirai- Thread of Life
DescriptionMoirai – Thread of Life shows a journey to different cosmic dimensions and touches on quantum physics to explain notions of fate.
Set in the distant future, an astronaut in search for untouched lands finds herself gravitating towards a mysterious force in a strange cave. The viewer follows her through a journey of discovery and understanding as she gets pulled into another dimension, her ‘self’ entwined and connected with the larger fabric of the universe. Drawing inspiration from the Moirai, the film symbolically represents the quantum realm. Like the white-robed incarnations of destiny in ancient mythology, the interconnected threads of quantum phenomena weave the destinies of all beings together. Each individual plays a vital role within the larger cosmic whole.
Event Type
Computer Animation Festival
TimeWednesday, 13 December 20234:00pm - 6:00pm
LocationDarling Harbour Theatre, Level 2 (Convention Centre)
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Trade Exhibitor
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