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Real-Time Live! Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

ACM SIGGRAPH has adopted the following principles and procedures for participants in Real-Time Live! Events as part of SIGGRAPH & SIGGRAPH Asia:


  • We will abide by the ACM Code of Ethics


  • We will abide by the spirit of the event to celebrate and showcase world-class real-time work
  • We will declare any use of pre-cached and any other non-real-time data in our presentations to both the Jury (in our Submissions) and Audience (during the Show itself)
  • We will endeavor to deliver a real-time live presentation which is consistent with any definitions provided at Submission


  • We will strive to work as a team to put on a quality showcase of real-time live applications for conference audiences


  • We will respect all confidentiality in relation to the staging of the event (e.g. venue passwords)


  • This code is to be reviewed annually.