Real-Time Live! Committee and Jury


  • We will abide by the ACM Code of Ethics


  • We agree to make ourselves available for meetings
  • Jury Members agree to make time to review submissions and follow any published assessment criteria
  • We will work together to produce a world-class event that celebrates and showcases the best possibilities of real-time live
  • We will declare any and all conflicts of interest in relation to judging submissions and selecting curated works
  • We will bring any Code of Conduct violations to the attention of the RTL! Chair


  • We will strive to work as a team to put on a quality showcase of real-time live applications for conference audiences
  • We will encourage the participation of diverse and marginalized voices
  • We will provide opportunities for career development through participation
  • We will work to promote the event to ensure there is an audience on the day
  • We will provide appropriate levels of support and management for volunteers
  • We will ensure that the work of volunteer staff complements but does not undermine the work of paid staff
  • We will not ask a volunteer to work in a voluntary capacity for more than 16 hours per week
  • We will differentiate between paid and unpaid roles in producing the event
  • We will create a safe space for all meetings and the event itself


  • We agree to keep confidential the details of meetings and production planning


  • This code is to be reviewed annually