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Birds of a Feather

Submission Deadline: 3 October 2024, 23:59 AoE

Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions at SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 are graphics-related, attendee-organized, informational discussions of shared interests, goals, technologies, arts and/or backgrounds. Those sessions are to focus on topics that are relevant to computer graphics or interactive techniques community, celebrating, connecting, and enabling new collaborations. BOF sessions also welcome proposals on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) topics.

General Information:

A BOF meeting is an attendee-organized, informational discussion of shared interests, goals, technologies and/or backgrounds that are graphics or interactive techniques related. The key word there is “discussion” – attendees gather to discuss a topic of interest and is up to organizers to define the format.
BOF meetings must be:
  • Related to computer graphics or interactive techniques
  • Open to all registered attendees
  • Non-commercial in nature (topics specific to one commercial product or company are not allowed)
  • Free of recruitment, sales, product tutorials or company promotion
All BOF proposals are reviewed and approved by the Conference Chair based on the above criteria and can be cancelled by SIGGRAPH Asia if their description/intent changes. Exceptions will be considered for reunion-type or industry non-profit groups for some requirements. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) submissions must be marked as DEI proposal in the submission form, and they will be reviewed by ACM SIGGRAPH DEI committee.
Submissions are open now till 1 September 2024. Acceptance or rejection notices will be sent to all submitters by mid-October 2024.
BOFs scheduled by the deadline will be listed on the conference website.
If you have questions, please send them to cmasia@siggraph.org.

SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 Conference Chair

The University of Tokyo

Submissions are due on 1 September 2024, 23:59 AoE.

BoF session proposals should be submitted through the SIGGRAPH Asia Submission System until 1 September 2024, 23:59 AoE. Please ensure that all the information in your submission is complete. Any missing information may delay processing your request.
  • A separate online submission form must be filled out for each BOF session, even if it is from the same submitter/organization.
  • BOF sessions can be no longer than two hours.
  • Organizers of longer events, or those who submit multiple requests for the same day for more than three hours, should consider becoming a co-located conference.
If your proposal is approved, you will receive an email acknowledgment by mid-October that includes all necessary contact information.

Event Publication

All BoF event information will be published on the SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 website. Exhibitors are not allowed to use BoF platform. Exhibitors are required to complete an exhibitor talk form provided by exhibition management. If you require more information on the exhibition, please Click Here.  


All participants must be registered at an appropriate level to participate. BOF participants/organizers will require one of the following registration levels: Full Access or Experience Plus Access. If you have questions, please send them to cmasia@siggraph.org.

Each accepted BOF session receives One 25% Discount On Any Ticket Type for an organizer.

For more details on SIGGRAPH Asia’s General Submission Policies, please go to SIGGRAPH Asia’s Submission Information Page.

Exhibitors cannot request BoFs for commercial presentations.
Contact exhibits_asia@siggraph.org for commercial presentations.
All deadlines are 23:59 AoE.

1 September 2024

Submission Deadline

Mid-October 2024

Acceptance Notification

3 – 5 December 2024

SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 Conference Days

4 – 6 December 2024

SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 Exhibition Days
ACM SIGGRAPH strives to create a welcoming and nurturing community for everyone working in computer graphics and interactive techniques independent of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, religion, country of origin, or abilities. Work submitted to this program should be in alignment with these values.
For any submission to an ACM SIGGRAPH conference or Standing Committee activity, the person in charge (PIC) of the program should be aware of and sensitive to potential issues pertaining to the ACM SIGGRAPH values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. If an issue is identified, then the authors of the submission shall be asked to modify their submission to resolve the issue before acceptance. If the PIC is unsure if there is an issue, then they should contact the Chair of the DEI Committee for advice.