Art Gallery

Submission Deadline: 20 June 2024, 23:59 AoE (Closed)

Art Gallery Theme: Neither Utopia Nor Dystopia

The SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 Art Gallery, set to convene in Tokyo, is on the hunt for groundbreaking and impactful creations at the nexus of art, science, technology, society, and the environment. Under the theme “Neither Utopia Nor Dystopia,” we welcome contributions that probe the intricacies and heterogeneity of the real world. In this era of information saturation, where the essence and veracity of matters may blur, we champion concrete expressions as a means to reaffirm our reality, moving beyond mere idealism.

The theme “Neither Utopia Nor Dystopia” sidesteps the stark dichotomy often portrayed between utopian and dystopian extremes, crafting a realm for patient engagement with the manifold aspects of reality and fostering the gradual maturation of values. This thematic direction nudges artists to uncover the subtle allure, intricacy, and profundity inherent in our day-to-day lives, urging them to craft palpable visions.

We anticipate a dynamic range of artistic explorations, employing everything from cutting-edge technologies to time-honored techniques, to foster a nuanced and alternative understanding of our world that steers clear of utopian and dystopian extremes. We eagerly await artistic expressions that resonate with the subtle dynamics and tensions of reality, the internal landscapes of individuals, societal paradoxes, and the ambiguities and potentialities that the future holds. Through the distinctive lenses of artists, we aspire to recalibrate our perception of the interplay between society, the environment, and technology, thereby enriching our collective comprehension. We envisage a tapestry of works that, at times, unveil hidden truths and beauties, and at other times, navigate the intricate web of emotions and relationships, culminating in a corporeal portrayal of our world.

In alignment with these themes, the SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 Art Gallery casts a wide net, eagerly soliciting a spectrum of artistic endeavors, spanning artworks, projects, performances, platforms, and communities. Please join us in the SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 Art Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.

Art Gallery Chair

Professor, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Submissions are due on 20 June 2024, 23:59 AoE.

Please review and carefully follow the submission requirements below. Incomplete or wrongly completed submissions will not be considered. For each submission, please complete the following requirements:

Information about Work

  • Basic information: Title, date of completion, abstract, and summary.
  • For Art Gallery submission, publishable (with proofread edited English) artist statement (200 – 300 words) and technical description (100 – 200 words) are required.

Technical Requirements:*only for Art Gallery submission form

Specifications of your work, including size, weight, light, and sound emission; lighting and sound requirements; spatial, network, and electrical needs; etc.

Submission Files

  • Video (within 3min)
    • Video format: .mp4 is preferred
    • Frame rate: 30fps
    • Aspect ratio: 16:9/Widescreen
    • Resolution: 1920×1080 (i.e., 1080p HD)
    • Video file size: 1.8 GB or less
  • Main image: One representative image in JPG format suitable for use in print and promotional materials (see image format requirements below).
  • Additional Detail Image: In JPG
  • Web image: In JPG or PNG format, max. 200 KB for website publication.
  • For any further questions, please email us at

Manage Contributors

  • List of project collaborators (if any).
Please note: All entries must be uploaded to the SIGGRAPH Asia Submission System. No discs or drives will be accepted.

Educator’s Resources Submission Option

Those submitting content to a SIGGRAPH conference have the option of donating materials of educational value to ACM SIGRAPH online resources for the benefit of the education community. Learn More.

For more information about uploading files for your submission, please see Uploading Files. For additional submission information, please see the Submissions FAQs.


Online submission forms must be completed no later than 30 June 2024, 23:59 AoE.

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General Submission Policies

For more details on SIGGRAPH Asia’s General Submission Policies, please go to SIGGRAPH Asia’s Submission Information page.


3 programs have overlapping scope

  • Art Gallery
  • Emerging Technologies
  • XR

Below, we highlight features of each program that help submitters to decide which program to submit to. However, for some works, it may not be possible to clearly decide the best-fitting program.

In that case, we encourage submitters to:

Then, the program chairs will decide which program this work best fits in and only judge it in that category.

Distinguishing Features of Each Program

  • Art Gallery
    • Submitted works need to fit the theme “Neither Utopia Nor Dystopia” and have to be intended as art projects.
  • Emerging Technologies
    • Place for innovative technologies that provides novel experiences
    • This year’s theme is ‘Beyond Boundaries’
    • Often features new hardware devices that cannot be purchased
    • Works usually focus on technology with design/artistic intent being secondary
    • “Maker” mentality
  • XR
    • Features novel VR / AR prototype systems and/or innovative content with off-the-shelf consumer products and software such as Unity or Unreal Engine
    • Works usually focus on novelty of the technology with design/artistic intent

Submissions with a scientific focus are also acceptable, e.g., sophisticated redirect touching algorithms with standard hardware.


Selections will be made by a panel of digital art experts according to the following criteria:

  • Overall impact of the work
  • Relevance to the Call for Submissions
  • Impact to shape the future society
  • Quality of the accompanying artist statement
  • Creative use of media
  • Depth of critical exploration

All contributors to SIGGRAPH Asia Annual Conferences are now required to use ACM’s rights management system to grant rights to publish accepted content rather than through the SIGGRAPH Asia Submission System. Essentially, submission tracking, jury review, and acceptance remain the same, but now the rights management is through ACM, the parent organization of SIGGRAPH Asia.

You will be asked to complete an ACM rights management form, which includes permission to record and distribute the audio and video of your recorded presentation through official channels of ACM/SIGGRAPH Asia. For most content types, this will be a Permission and Release form, which allows authors to retain copyright.

As a contributor to an ACM-sponsored event, the following expectations apply to you, should your content be accepted for presentation:

  • You have the permission to use everything that is in your presentation. This includes securing permission to use third-party material, and providing documentation of that permission to ACM.(More Information On The Proper Use Of Third-Party Material In Your Presentation)
  • If you are using copyrighted musical compositions in your presentation, you must secure performing rights licenses
  • You must have the authority to grant ACM the right to distribute your presentation

Once your contribution is accepted, you will receive a link via email to the appropriate form for your contribution.


Artists will receive acceptance and rejection notices via email. Detailed information and instructions will then be sent to artists along with the acceptance letter.

Presenter and Contributor Recognition

Presenters/Contributors of each accepted submission must register for at least one conference pass. Please visit our registration page to view the various registration categories for each program.

Please see the Recognition Benefits for a summary of what you will receive if your work and/or proposal are accepted by SIGGRAPH Asia 2024.

An email will be sent to the main contact of the submission. You are entitled to one 50% discount for the highest tiered ticket, one presenter per accepted submission.

Once your contribution is accepted, you will receive a link via email to the appropriate form for your contribution. You will be required to prepare the final print-ready file following the specifications in the acceptance notification.


All work selected for the SIGGRAPH Asia Art Gallery will also be documented on the SIGGRAPH Asia website and ACM Digital Library.

Other Details

You will be able to update your basic submission information so that it can be included in the conference program and website. This information needs to be finalized two weeks after acceptance.

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Q1. What type of artwork is acceptable for submission?

SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 Art Gallery is looking for artistic works, projects, performances, platforms, and communities that address the theme.

Q2. What type of artwork is acceptable for submission?

For performances, installations, and any interactive art that changes over time, you should submit a digital video that shows the evolution of the work, in addition to still images for documentation.

Q3. Is digital video art accepted?

Yes, if there is a significant use of creative digital techniques to alter the video, if the piece incorporates computer animation, or if it expands on aesthetic issues described in the Art Gallery Call for Participation

Q4. Is SIGGRAPH Asia accepting sculptures?

Yes, sculptures that are interactive, robotic, electronic, or part of an installation are encouraged. Works that utilize rapid prototyping, that make use of embedded systems, or combine traditional media with digital systems are also welcome.

Q5. Can I submit the same piece to multiple programs?

You can only submit your work to one of the Experience Hall programs (Art Gallery, E-Tech, and XR). However, you can submit the same project to both the Art Gallery and Art Paper. The review process is completely separate.

Submission Process

Q1. Where do I send my submission materials?

All work must be submitted via the SIGGRAPH Asia Art Gallery Online Submission Form. Do not send printed proposals or slides in physical form through the mail.

Q2. Can I submit work that I’ve published, presented, or has been accepted for publication or presentation elsewhere?

Yes, though with some caveats. First, you must indicate the prior appearance via the checkbox on the General Submission form and provide a description of how and where the work appeared. Second, be aware that SIGGRAPH Asia participants expect to see things they’ve never seen before. The jury will decide if the novelty and impact of the submission warrant acceptance despite its appearance elsewhere. Generally speaking, it’s OK if your work has been presented in a small workshop or colloquium, and it’s OK if your work has been published in journals in other fields. However, work that has appeared in a major computer graphics journal or a mainstream computer graphics conference is not what SIGGRAPH Asia is looking to feature and should not be submitted. Please make sure your materials have been revised to reflect the submission requirements, e.g., do not submit a dissertation or a 200-page book as course notes.

Q3. How many pieces can I submit to the SIGGRAPH Asia Art Gallery?

There is no limit. Submit as many as you like. But you must complete and submit a separate submission form for each work unless your work is a series (see below).

Q4. If my work is a series, how should I submit it?

You should submit all pieces of the series under the same submission form. Be aware that if you specify that the pieces can NOT be split up, the jury will have to agree on all of the works in the series, so the work may be harder to accept. If your series does not hold together without each of the component parts, make sure you check “Please do not split up.” Do not use this category to submit multiple artworks unless they are a series.

Q5. Can I submit a detail of my art work along with the image?


Q6. Will you accept my work without an artist’s statement?

No. All submissions must include a 200–300-word publishable (with proofread edited English) artist’s statement. Your statement must address the conceptual aspects of the work. You must also include a 100–200-word publishable technical statement.

Q7. Can I submit a URL rather than images of my work?

No. You must submit images of your work so that we can publish an image of your work. You may submit a URL so that we can get additional information about your work if needed.

Upon Acceptance

Q1. What will SIGGRAPH Asia support if the project is accepted?

  • Event Management
  • Venue design and basic infrastructure
  • Exhibition Design including a poster description of your accepted work
  • Basic facilities *Based on approval and discussion between Organizers & Submitters (E.g., General pedestal, lighting, electricity, wi-fi, projectors, screens, monitors)
  • Promotion

Q2. What will the artist be responsible for?

  • Carrying in, setting up, and taking down of artworks
  • Preparation of necessary equipment
  • Transportation (if necessary)
  • Travel and accommodation expenses
  • Operation and management of the work during the period

Q3. Will SIGGRAPH Asia pay for shipping and framing?

No, you are responsible for framing (NO glass, please), crating, shipping, and in-transit insurance. You must pack and ship your artwork professionally and safely. Work that arrives at SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 in substandard condition may be pulled from the show.

Q4. Audio Visual?

You will be responsible for your own Audio-Visual equipment. An AV rental list will be provided to you upon acceptance.

Q5. Will SIGGRAPH Asia pay for any duty or taxes on international shipments?

No. You are responsible for all import and export expenses.

Q6. Does SIGGRAPH Asia have funding to ship my equipment to the conference?

No. Many artists who have participated in previous SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia Art Galleries have received funding from local arts organizations or national councils. We will be happy to provide a letter of reference should you require it.

At The Conference

Q1. If I show my work at SIGGRAPH Asia, will I have to watch my equipment?

Yes. You will need to have enough people to watch your installation or art piece if it requires monitoring.

Q2. Do I need to install my own work?

We will work closely with you to ensure proper and effective installation of your work. Exhibition installation will be accomplished by professionals, although complex works will need your individual participation, so you should plan to arrive early to assist with the installation.

Q3. Will SIGGRAPH Asia pay for my accommodations and travel expenses?

No. You are responsible for your own expenses.


20 June 2024

Submission Deadline

End June to Mid-July 2024

Jury Reviews

19 July 2024

Review Deadline

5 August 2024

Acceptance Notification

29 August 2024

Final Materials Due

3 - 6 December 2024

SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 Event Days

ACM SIGGRAPH strives to create a welcoming and nurturing community for everyone working in computer graphics and interactive techniques independent of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, religion, country of origin, or abilities. Work submitted to this program should be in alignment with these values.

For any submission to an ACM SIGGRAPH conference or Standing Committee activity, the person in charge (PIC) of the program should be aware of and sensitive to potential issues pertaining to the ACM SIGGRAPH values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. If an issue is identified, then the authors of the submission shall be asked to modify their submission to resolve the issue before acceptance. If the PIC is unsure if there is an issue, then they should contact the Chair of the DEI Committee for advice.